CBN bears a large resemblance to CBD (cannabidiol) and provides a host of benefits when it is isolated. It shows a lot of promise, and companies are begging research facilities to explore this cannabinoid compound in greater detail.


The public attitude and opinion of medical marijuana and CBD oils have changed drastically for the better in recent years. In fact, there is a more positive reaction to the legalization of marijuana argument than at any other time in our nation’s history.

One of the fastest growing demographics of marijuana and CBD users is the 50+ Americans who are seeking help with arthritis pain and help for chronic conditions that would otherwise mean taking opioids and narcotics for.

Only those living under rocks have not heard anything at all regarding CBD oils. They are now sold in all fifty states and have found favor in many countries around the world. This is due to the scientific community’s work to research the many cannabinoids found in hemp and marijuana; not just settling for what we know about THC and CBD, the two main cannabinoids in cannabis family plants.

CBN bears a large resemblance to CBD (cannabidiol) and provides a host of benefits when it is isolated. It shows a lot of promise, and companies are begging research facilities to explore this cannabinoid compound in greater detail. 


There are 112 cannabinoids in cannabis plants, which include hemp and marijuana plants. When they are used in unison, they often have an effect that is called “the entourage effect” which means they work together. Scientists are busy learning which combinations work best for specific applications. Some cannabinoids work wonderfully alone others contain the greatest benefit in combination.


The average person hasn’t heard of CBN, nor have they heard about CBCA, CBCVA, Delta-9-THC, or Delta-8-THC, but it is likely that you will, one day, in the not-so-distant future. Here are a few of the conditions that we definitely know CBN can positively impact:

  • PAIN

This list of issues can reach across enormous demographics of people. Whether a person is in need of a good night’s sleep or is suffering from the middle-aged female’s hormonal bone loss, this can benefit millions of people when used in proper applications.


Presently, you’re not going to be able to purchase these compounds separately because they aren’t all being marketed yet. When you purchase a full-spectrum CBD oil, you’ll likely get some of all of them. Full-spectrum means that the entire hemp plant was used to extract oil from, making it highly likely that some of all the cannabinoids are present.

Many people choose CBD over medical marijuana to avoid getting high because they find euphoria unpleasant. Others cannot use a psychoactive compound due to work restrictions and drug testing.

Truthfully, CBD often smells the same and tastes the same as marijuana because the terpenes responsible for smell and taste are still present. You may, in other words, smell as if you’ve just smoked a joint. Also, there is no absolute guarantee that you’ll pass a drug test. There are traces of THC in most CBD full-spectrum oils. Though only at levels of .03% or less, it still could potentially trigger a positive on a drug test.