Sweet, herbaceous, citrus, and woody are all terms used to describe the smell of this particular terpene. Each terpene has its own unique aroma, but when combined with other terpenes may differ greatly from one strain of marijuana to another.


Ocimene is found in a lot of plants besides cannabis; it can be found in basil, kumquats, hops, mangoes, bergamot, lavender, orchids, pepper and still more. It is loved by the perfume industry because it has a sweet, herbaceous scent, yet floral in nature. Ocimene, like most terpenes, wards off mosquitoes and aphids which would be detrimental to the plant. Therefore, terpenes provide safety to the life of the plant in the natural environment where it could be predated by bugs.


MOOD ELEVATION: This terpene appears to have many potential therapeutic properties and the ability to elevate the mood in general. More research is definitely needed so that we can continue to learn and explore what this terpene has to offer.

DIABETES: Ocimene has been only researched a tiny amount and we know so far that it can help to control diabetes by helping to regulate enzymes in the body that control glucose volume and insulin levels.

INFLAMMATION: We also know that Ocimene helps control inflammation by working with the body’s immune system to reduce the response to cause inflammation in the first place.

ENERGY: Ocimene acts as a decongestant and is a bit of a stimulant, increasing energy levels naturally.

ANTIVIRAL: When used in conjunction with Myrcene and Pinene, Ocimene has shown some promise at being able to treat the SARS virus. More research is currently being done to learn more about this. The last study on this particular study was published in 2008.

ANTIFUNGAL AND ANTIMICROBIAL: With antifungal and antimicrobial qualities, this is a very good strain for those who want to control blood sugar, reduce the occurrences of infections related to diabetes and also experience enhanced moods. For those unfamiliar with diabetes, fluctuating blood sugar can cause depression and even temper flares, so the marijuana strains that have higher levels of Ocimene could be exactly what is needed for diabetics.


The great thing about using natural terpenes in cannabis, which is rich with cannabinoids that also have therapeutic uses, is that you are using a natural solution that has little no adverse side-effects.

The high that is gained from marijuana can be lessened by choosing a strain that is lower in THC, or even by using a CBD oil with terpenes and the whole spectrum of other cannabinoids with just the THC reduced to trace amounts. You can’t get addicted to cannabis and you won’t harm your body by using it either.