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How Many Potency Tests Should You Get For Each Harvest?


- Generally for compliance testing, a hemp famer sould take 1 test from each acre of hemp grown. 


- That test should comprise of 5 different cuttings taken at random points throughout the acre
Sample cuttings should be an equal proportion of bud, stem, and fan leaves. 


- By just taking the flower bud portion, you are not only misrepresenting your crop sample but are putting yourself at risk for testing non-compliant  since  the highest amount of THC lies within the flower buds.


- Once these cuttings are taken, they should then be homogenized (evenly blended) and send in for testing.
- 5 different cuttings per acre, homogenized and sent in as a single test


- There should be a single test conducted for each week until harvest.


For Example: 
- A hemp farmer is planting 10 Acres of Hemp this season. 
- They are planting the Cherry Wine hemp strain; known to have a flowering time of 6-8 weeks. 


 So with the following equation:


(10 Acres) x (1 Test per Acre) = 10 Samples per Week 


Once we know how many samples per week:


(10 Samples a Week) x (6 to 8 Week Floweing Time) = 60-80 Potency Tests Per Harvest

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