Agilent Technologies Announces Ionization Labs has joined as a Global Cannabis Potency Testing Channel Partner

Ionization Labs has joined with Agilent Technologies as a Global Channel Partner to collaborate
on sales, marketing, and ongoing product development of Ionization Labs’ proprietary Cann-ID
platform. The Cann-ID solution is an in-house hemp testing unit featuring cloud-based Cann-ID
software and application support from Ionization Labs combined with Agilent InfinityLab LC
Solutions and Agilent consumables and software. The platform supports hemp extractors and
processors tasked with improving extraction yield, process efficiency, and product compliance
concerning cannabinoid derivatives. Cann-ID also benefits those performing cultivations that
require precise, real-time chemical data. Through this partnership, Ionization Labs will accelerate
the expansion of their reach, from 15 US states and 3 countries at present, to all 50 US states
and the 110 countries spanned by Agilent’s worldwide sales distribution system.

With their Cann-ID solution, Ionization Labs has developed a potency testing solution that is
affordable and intuitive, facilitating quick implementation and return on investment. The solution
is developed with ISO-certified methods and calibration curves utilizing ISO standards, helping
users ensure regulatory compliance. Cann-ID is available via an SaaS model, which provides
maintenance services and round-the-clock live support in addition to hardware, software, and

Ionization Labs provides chemical-data-platform solutions that are easy to use and that provide
consistent, high-quality data in outstandingly short timeframes. Based in Austin, Texas, USA, the
company consists of a team experienced in the fields of agriculture, tech, consumer packaged
goods, and life sciences.

Agilent products and solutions are intended to be used for cannabis quality control and safety testing in laboratories where such use is permitted under state/country law.