Mobile Phase A (2x1L) & B (1x4L)

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Our pre-formulated mobile phases are essential for accurate HPLC Analysis within our operation. Made in an our ISO-17025 certified production laboratory, our mobile phases are free of any contaminates and is made on-demand. Our mobile phase A & B coupled together will ensure accurate potency analysis within your hemp sample. 

Mobile Phase A:

99.9% HPLC Water 

0.1% Formic Acid 

Available in 1L Borosilicate Bottles 


Mobile Phase B:

99.9% HPLC Grade Methanol

0.1% Formic Acid 

Available in 4L Amber Bottles 

Feature 1: 99.9% HPLC Water

Feature 2: 0.1% Formic Acid

Feature 3: Comes in Sterile, 1L Borosilicate Bottles

Feature 4: Made On-Demand