Ionization Labs Engages Former Lt. Governor of Texas Ben Barnes As Acting Head of Strategic Government Relations

The Cann-ID solution can test for 13+ cannabinoids including THCA, THC delta 9, CBD, CBDA and others with its sensitive and accurate HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) analytical hardware in around 20 minutes. HPLC is considered to be the laboratory “gold-standard” for potency testing of marijuana and hemp and the Cann-ID solution has detection capabilities to PPB (parts-per-billion). This solution is incredibly scalable because of Cann-ID’s proprietary user software that has simplified an otherwise Ph.D.-level operational lab device and turned it into a tool focused 100% on accurately testing the potency of cannabis and hemp flower and extracts. Additional benefits are its access through a Cloud-based interface, allowing for secured ecosystem access to stakeholders across the Cann-ID network.

“As the cannabis and hemp industries continue to explode in growth, it is extremely important that we standardize safety, regulation, and quality control. Ionization Labs is at the forefront of creating a solution for regulators, and after careful consideration of the industry and the many opportunities it affords, I’m excited to join their efforts to bring an effective tool to market to support best practices,” said Mr. Barnes. “It’s a great honor to have the opportunity to work with those states that have already legalized as well as those like my home state of Texas that unanimously voted to legalize hemp and have expanded medical marijuana laws.”

“We could not be happier to have Ben on board with our team. He is a true Texas icon and an immense addition to the talent we have been working to put in place in our organization,” stated co-founders Alex Andrawes and Cree Crawford. “It’s an honor to work with him, and we look forward to doing great things together.”

"You can now share potency testing results in near real-time over our Cann-ID network. Compliance and government oversight groups have the ability to save valuable time and resources with the ability to access and share viable chemical analysis data remotely… it is truly a game changer for stakeholders who need to know if something is marijuana or hemp. The whole definition and separation of the hemp and marijuana industry are predicated on whether the product that is tested has a chemical profile that has a THC level of .3% or less. It can mean the difference between an illicit product or a legal product. We can now offer it in a scalable solution to those who need it." Says Cree Crawford, President, and Co-Founder of Ionization Labs, the creator of Cann-ID.

Ionization Labs’ Cann-ID turnkey subscription solution for potency can play a key role in supporting government compliance and research/development. In this fast and ever-evolving industry, having a tool to identify cannabinoids levels in plants and products quickly and accurately can provide government compliance and law enforcement agents the means to perform lab-level analysis testing with minimal training. Their solution is also an affordable, accurate way for farmer/growers to ensure compliance as well as providing data to support operations, costing and bringing about predictable, high-quality, and consistent crop results.

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