Message from Alex Andrawes,
CEO of Ionization Labs

Twenty years ago, I founded my first company, a wine business called Personal Wine, as a Senior at University of Texas at Austin.  I quickly learned that chemistry and chemical analytical testing was one of the most important aspects of the business. It established a wines quality and value. Testing of wine barrels to formulate a blend is painfully slow and inefficient. I found myself having to send three samples to three labs just to guess which one samples was correct. After digging into why I was getting three different results, I learned everything was reliant on sample preparation, uniformity, homogenization, methodology, and ultimately the value of time. Does this sound familiar?
When Cree Crawford and I founded Ionization Labs and subsequently our testing solution platform, Cann-ID in 2016, we agreed on a few things. It had to scale. It had to be accurate, cost effective, and easily trainable in operation. We also agreed that our efforts had to have a positive impact on our industry.  We knew that if our efforts were successful, it would support the acceleration of an industry that desperately needed a testing platform like we envisioned.  
We’ve built and continue to build a company that has taken tremendous effort to balance with combined excellence in science and software.
Today our solutions can deliver powerful, impactful chemical data that supports precision agriculture practices for farmers and maximizes yield for extraction process operations. Both of these support their bottom line revenues and success! Our standardized platform also supports research and development, the lifeblood and growth of these specialty crop industries.This gives people who seek therapy from the cannabis plant the confidence in product integrity, and drastically reduces the lack of trust in cannabinoid products that land on retail shelves.
Playing a role that can help to increase the trust in products created by these specialty crops is especially important to all of us at Ionization Labs. It is why we exist.  During this journey we have had the opportunity to meet and work with many wonderful people willing to help us.  These friends and mentors have come from all sectors of industry including business, engineering, agriculture, life sciences, chemistry, and academia. Many did so because our Core Values resonated with theirs, and we knew with combined effort we would increase the likelihood of success. A few of our Friends deserve special mention like Tom Meredith (former CFO for Dell and Motorola), Ben Barnes (Former Lt Governor of Texas), Josh Ginsberg (Founder of Native Roots), Brent James, and Sue Dantonio (from Agilent), Dr. Steve Coy (Adjunct Professor of Mass Spec at Harvard/MIT), Dr. John McDevitt, (Dean of Materials at NYU)   Some have become as close as family including,  Dr. Chris Hudalla (Founder of ProVerde Labs) and our dear friend, mentor and confidant , Dr. Arthur “Lonne” Lane (of NASA/JPL) who sadly passed away too early last year.
We are thankful and we will make you one solid promise. We will never stop improving, optimizing, and striving for excellence in efforts to empower our clients with tools that have a positive impact on their business and our industry as a whole.