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Potency Testing Solution Platform

Ionization Labs Potency Testing LC is an integrated proprietary software / UX combined with high quality analysis in analytical and QA/QC applications. Based on the proven technology, the system’s high quality and high performance will help you to achieve maximum return on investment and lowest cost of operations from day one. Our solutions will offer ongoing upgrades in software and in hardware platform performance and testing throughput.

Solution subscription for cannabinoid testing

The first affordable, highly scalable, accurate, and simple to use in-house hemp testing unit, rivals that of much more expensive and cumbersome market available hemp testing laboratory equipment. The valuable real-time data is securely collected and streamed to the cloud for data analysis and analytics.


how it works

It's as easy as...

Step 1

First, we take lab grade HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) then we add a propriety simplified and intuitive analysis software.

This means you get the same equipment used in certification labs but no need for a high cost PhD level Tech to operate!

Cannabiboid analysis for:




Step 2


All lab grade quality testing uses consumable parts including chemistry to prepare a sample and run a test. This is called sample prep.

Turn-key Sample Preparation Kits, or SPK’s, take all the guess work and variables OUT and puts accuracy & consistency IN potency testing.

Then we add our unique subscription program that includes everything you need to support an ongoing accurate potency testing program.

All consumables provided
  • Mobile Phase
  • Vials
  • Solvent Chemistry
  • Column & Guards
  • User Support
  • Maintenance
  • Software License
  • Cloud Analytics Library

Everything needed to support an on-going hemp potency testing solution program.

We’ve created the most simplified sample-prep program available. Simplified sample prep kits are included in your monthly subscription with volume rates that bring your price-per-test to a fraction of the cost of sending your samples out to a lab. Let’s face it. Time is money! With Cann-ID, not only do you save money, you also cut the time it takes to get reliable chemical data within 30 minutes, whereas you’d wait at least 48 hours by sending samples out to a lab.

Step 3
Using Cann-ID gives you data that is cost-effective, consistent, reproducible and accurate!

High Performance Software

Our proprietary software user interface has simplified complicated analysis processes, allowing staff with even basic skills to perform tests that produce valuable testing data fast and accurately.

Optimised for Everyday Productivity

Exceptional accuracy and superior precision for all routine applications.

Industry Leading Quality & Long-Life

Hardware platform built by global manufacturing leader of analytical devices.

Fully Compliant

Cann-ID by Ionization Labs is fully compliant with all requirements for regulatory LC applications.

Fast & Trouble-Free Startup

Every subscription comes with an on location “set-up” by one of our experienced deployment executives. Every system is tested in its final configuration and application for potency testing.


The hardware combined with our proprietary all-in-one potency testing configuration has taken into account many variables including: pumps, flow, injectors, column selection, wavelength, unique method development, and simplified software UX/UI development. All of this to create a valuable “tool” that can be readily applied for daily operations.

Higher Resolution & Faster Run Times

Our optimized and proprietary methods offer clear and accurate resolution in a short timeframe. *14 Cannabinoids in minutes: CBDVA, CBDV, CBDA, CBGA, CBG, CBD, THCV, THCVA, CBN, CBNA, Δ9-THC, Δ8-THC, CBC, THCA


Ionization Labs is committed to ongoing upgrades to our software business solution, giving our clients more control and access to valuable and applicable data to make their business operate more efficiently.


Our solution can offer LOD (level of detection) at PPM (parts per million) for accurate qualification & quantification of cannabinoids.


Basic training protocols and easy to follow UX/UI (user experience / interface).


Our Level of Detection is parts-per-million utilizing HPLC technology.


A fraction of the cost offered by major testing labs.


14 Cannabinoids in minutes. Terpenes and solvents coming soon!