Agilent Technologies

 Global Cannabis Potency Testing Partner

• The Cann-ID solution is an in-house hemp testing unit featuring cloud-based Cann-ID and Agilent 1220 LC Systems.

• With Agilent and Cann-ID, potency testing can be simple to operate and much more & provide much more affordable potency testing.


• This partnership will expand our reach from 15 US states and 3 countries at present, to all 50 US states
and the 110 countries spanned by Agilent’s worldwide distribution system.


Global Track & Trace Partner


• SICPA is a leading global provider of secured authentication, identification and traceability solutions and services.


• Ionization Labs has partnered with SICPA to ensure the security and integrity of your results.


• Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Lausanne, the privately-owned Swiss company is a long-trusted advisor to governments, central banks, high-security printers, and industry.


• For more than 90 years, SICPA's core values have been the cornerstone of who we are and what we stand for.