Benchtop Centrifuge Benchtop Centrifuge

Benchtop Centrifuge

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Weight: 9.00 KGS

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This is a routine laboratory centrifuge with large volume capacity. It's low on noise, compact, and holds centrifuge tubes with a 50mL capacity. 

The variable-speed control allows the centrifuge to operate with the speed you desire up to 4000 RPMs. Be sure that there is a 3-eye safety socket and solid surface available in order to operate the instrument safely and effectively. 

The lid of the centrifuge is built with a lightweight, durable plexiglass material for security and ease of access. The instrument contains variable knobs to precisely control the time and speed at which centrifuge operates. 


  • Great for Sample Preparation
  • Usually Ships in 24 Hours
  • All Instruments Quality Checked

Maximum Speed:: 4000 RPM

Centrifugal Force:: 2770 xg

Capacity:: 6 x 50mL Centrifuge Tubes

Timing:: 0-60min