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Analytical Balance

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The USS-DBS8 Digital Analytical Balance Scale allows the user to measure weights that range up to 200g, with the precision of 0.1mg. It is fully electronic and it allows the user to read the measure from the LCD screen that has a convenient blue backlight. You can also switch between units; so if the metric system is not right for you, you can choose ounces or carats as measuring units. It has a RS-232 interface for linking your computer to it to allow serial data exchange between them.


Capacity: 10mg - 200g
Four different units of measure: g, mg, ct, oz
Readability: 0.1mg
Repeatability: ±0.2mg
Linearity: ±0.3mg
Pan Size: 80mm
Output Interface: RS-232C
Dimensions: 340mm × 220mm × 350 mm
Net Weight: 7.2kg
Power Supply: AC110V-240V 50Hz/60Hz; DC9V-2.2A by using the universal adapter
Features: Super bright LCD display with backlight; Stainless Steel Pan
WARNING: Not suitable for Powder Types.