Agilent 1220 Infinity Series HPLC - Autosampler (Certified Refurbished)

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Weight: 50.00 KGS
Condition: Refurbished
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The Agilent 1220 HPLC serves as an analytical powerhouse in any laboratory. It's compact design allows for high functionality in a small laboratory envrionment. This HPLC will run on autopilot and will be able to analyze continuously throughout the day or night. It is equipped with a Variable Wavelength Detector (VWD) lamp that allows for further and more precise chemical quantification. Unit has been FACTORY Refurbished by Agilent Technologies. Unused after refurbishment. Laptop, column, and column guard are not included.

  • Certified-Refurbished models come with an 1 year limited warranty provided by Ionization Labs 
  • Optimized for everyday productivity: Exceptional accuracy and superior precision for all routine applications in QA/QC labs
  • Fully compliant with all requirements for regulatory LC applications
  • Industry leading quality and long-life: A member of the reliable and trusted InfinityLab LC Series
  • Fast, trouble-free startup: Every system is quality checked in it's complete configuration
  • Flexible hardware choices and all-in-one configurations include an isocratic or gradient pump, vial autosampler, built-in column oven and variable wavelength detector (VWD) 
  • Future proof: Upgrade your system with additional hardware modules such as an InfinityLab LC Series refractive index, fluorescence or evaporative light scattering detector, or an Agilent InfinityLab LC/MSD Series Mass Selective Detector
  • High-performance software - Choose either the modern state-of-the-art software OpenLab CDS Workstation or the fully flexible, multi-purpose OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition or OpenLab CDS EZChrom Edition (software not included)
  • Compact - Unique mobile upgrade allows installation of the 1220 Infinity II LC in a mobile lab
Mobile Phase Solvent Pump
  • Solvent Pump for mobile phase can be switched between binary or isocratic methods out of the box
  • Degasser ensures constant solvent flow without air bubbles in mobile phase lines/capillaries
  • Optimized pump delivers up to 600 bar, which enables the operator to use even smaller particle size columns. this helps ensure higher resolution and faster run times

Temperature-Controlled Column Oven

  • Column Oven & Oven Door 
  • Maintain stable temperatures with the built-in column oven and oven door
  • Temperatures can range anywhere from 20C to 50C
  • Column not included

Automated Sampling Tray

  • Sampling tray capable of holding up to 100 samples at a time. Capable of holding 2mL vials provided by either Agilent or third party

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  • HPLCs will be shipped in an Agilent box with reinforced foam inserts.
  • HPLC capillaries will be shipped containing 100% HPLC grade methanol.
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Lead Time

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Application Notes


Sampling Type: Autosampler

Package Dimensions: L: 32" W: 20" H: 23"

Package Weight: 115lbs

Pump Type: Isocratic, Binary, Quaternary (with SSV upgrade)

Maximum Number of Solvents: 4 (with SSV that must be purchased separately)

Flow Range: 0.2-10 mL/min

Injection Range: 0.1-100 ┬ÁL

Column Capacity: 1

Oven Type: Integrated Column Oven

Instrument Width: 370 mm

Line Voltage: 100-240 VAC