About Us


Ionization Labs is a chemical data platform company based in Austin, Texas.

We partner with world-class life sciences hardware & data security solutions providers. Our platform makes testing cost effective, easier to use and more reliable. Our solutions empower industry and promotes consumer safety.

We met with cultivators and processors before we started this business to make sure our Vision and Mission aligned with our Client’s goals. Each year cannabis cultivators, extractors and processors face severe time constraints, especially as everyone races to provide rapid innovation in product development. The commoditization of each cannabinoid creates the need for rapid, trustworthy chemical data that buyers and sellers can trust. The people who consume cannabis products expect products to be consistent, especially from batch-to-batch with a specific brand.

Cannabis industry participants face many regulatory hurdles. From the cultivation of flower or biomass to the processing to concentrates and ultimately the production of a finished product, testing is hurdle for many, and we have solved for this problem. Our goal is to help your organization.

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