ionization labs


We exist to simplify testing in the hemp industry


We envision a future where the Hemp industry is a model for responsible, sustainable, and profitable growth with the end of providing healthy, safe, and practical products to the world.

core values:

1. Value People:

Business is about relationships and transactions between People. To be our best, we must value all the People we interact with including Our People, Customer People, Partner People, and Community People.

2. Be Passionate:

Pick something that are passionate about and work at that, otherwise, how are you going to have fun in your work!

3. Lead by Innovating:

Never blindly accept the status quo. The greatest innovations usually involve simplifying complex problems.

4. Be Trustworthy:

The best way to ensure that you are valuing the People around you is to consistently conduct yourself in a way that is worthy of their trust.

5. Have Fun:

Life is too short not to be passionate your work – enjoy it and have fun.


Lab Testing Award 2019

3rd Party Proficiency Tested & Certified