Most of Colorado’s Failed Cannabis Tests Stem from Microbials: Here’s What Cultivators and Dispensaries Can Do About It

A growing percentage of cannabis is failing microbial testing in Colorado, and the problem could be stemming from easily overlooked issues in growers’ cultivation facilities, according to Carly Bader, a microbiology analyst for AgriScience Labs, one of the first...


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The Terpene Pulegone

The Terpene Pulegone

Pulegone can work as a muscle relaxer and has also been used for generations as a fever reducer. Some research studies have shown it may also improve memory.

The Cannabis Terpene Menthol

The Cannabis Terpene Menthol

Menthol is also an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. This enables it to help with pain associated with many chronic conditions, such as arthritis.

The Cannabis Terpene Isopulegol

The Cannabis Terpene Isopulegol

The precursor to menthol, Isopulegol gives a somewhat minty smell to marijuana. Studies on lab rats have concluded that it may be an effective relaxant.

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