Israeli Cannabis Company To Co-Develop Anti-Inflammatory Products For Respiratory Conditions

Univo Pharmaceuticals (TASE: UNVO) will provide medical grade cannabis and cannabis-based products, as well as funding, to the RAMBAM …Read More

Lipobelle Pino C: More than CBD

This major cannabinoid, which is found in hemp, offers numerous health benefits (anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, reduction of pain sensation, etc), and …Read More

Cannabis Might Block COVID-19 Infection, Study Shows

The end-strains were high in anti-inflammatory cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) since the compound has been proposed to have anti-inflammatory and …Read More

Scientists say strains of cannabis may increase resistance to Covid-19

The researchers wrote that “Cannabis sativa, especially one high in the anti-inflammatory cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD), has been proposed to …Read More
Navigating COVID-19 in the Cannabis industry in the UK

Navigating COVID-19 in the Cannabis industry in the UK

There is no doubt all industries are feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic; however, cannabis businesses face a unique set of challenges. Business operations, consumer behavior and financials will be analysed more than ever as businesses seek to...

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