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Who Are We?

Ionization Labs is comprised of cannabis industry veterans with backgrounds in science, technology, and data analytics. We are committed to simplifying marijuana and hemp testing through innovation. We have designed our technology to deliver faster results and greater accuracy which in turn provides higher profitability for our customers.


We empower our partners with fast and accurate marijuana and hemp potency test results along with unparalleled data for the following needs:

  • Cultivation
  • Extraction
  • Product Development

This data offers growers and cultivators a competitive advantage –  we power your knowledge and assure accuracy to help you make informed decisions.


Potency Testing: The Ionization Labs solution utilizes HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) considered to be the standard for lab testing technology for potency. We take an otherwise complicated operation and simplify it with our proprietary software. Our solution gives marijuana and hemp professionals, with little or no scientific background, a competitive advantage. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, you can count on accurate, repeatable results.

10+ Cannabinoids / LOD -PPB (parts per billion) < 30min



















“Simply accurate”

More about us


What would you do if you had immediate access to powerful & accurate decision-making data that will give you more control over your cultivation and extraction operations?

The more successful the cannabis industry has become, the more consumer products become available within the medical and recreational market, including hemp and marijuana. Legally produced cannabis products must be first tested and certified before they can be sold to consumers in both the retail and medicinal markets. Testing is one of the most important steps in this process, as it ensures quality, safety and consistency for consumption. As such, there is a high demand for testing services.

Current testing services do not offer effective turn-around times, they are very expensive. Producers of raw hemp and marijuana flower and cannabis-produced products utilize testing not only for certification to sell, but also to ensure quality, consistency and for R&D purposes. Product is sent to be tested off-site and this often takes 5+ days on average to return results. It is very challenging to run an operation with this limitation. The solution to this is an accurate, high-volume, low-cost testing solution which Ionization Labs has developed.

Our company, Ionization Labs, has created the best-of-breed QA/QC cannabinoid testing solution for the cannabis, hemp, marijuana industry. We created this tool with a firm and grounded understanding of this industry’s history/direction, requirements, and nuances from a hands-on operational, compliance, and scientific perspective.

Utilizing our tools will effectively increase productivity and decrease overhead for growers/cultivators, and cannabis product producers. This will in turn, help to increase quality, consistency and safety for consumers. Our solution’s cost and simplicity, combined with laboratory quality analysis, allows for quick integration and implementation.

What's next?

Terpene Screening:

Ionization Labs will soon release a simple to operate terpene screening solution offering super-fast results.


Solvent Screening

Ionization Labs will soon release a simple to operate solvent screening solution offering super-fast accurate results.


Contact us today to take control of your testing.

The most accurate and cost-effective potency testing solution for the Marijuana & Hemp – Cannabis Industries.


Basic training (a few hours). High-school level science protocols combined with simple step-by-step easy to read and follow UX/UI (user experience / interface) make this solution turn-key.


Utilizes the gold-standard technology protocol for potency testing (HPLC) from one of world’s leading laboratory chemical analysis device hardware manufacturers. Our LOD (level of detection) is PPB (parts per billion) *Note our solution platforms detect at the quality level of a laboratory based HPLC analytical device.


Our solution subscription fees are at a level that most small to medium sized operations can afford. Our cannabinoid potency profile test is a fraction of the cost offered by major cannabis, hemp, marijuana labs. This compared to a US average of $99+


Our solution can process (14) fourteen of the most prevalent cannabinoids in less than 12 minutes. Most jurisdictions require only the top 10 cannabinoids for upper level certification, and we exceed this value and continue to update our chemical library on an ongoing basis

In the news

Ionization Labs’ Testing Solutions Helps Make Legal Marijuana and Hemp Products Safe and Consistent.

By Shawn Price, California Business Journal

The first thing Cree Crawford and Alex Andrawes want you to know about their company, Ionization Labs, is that it’s not actually a laboratory, but a group of science and business minds that have developed a novel approach and solution to what has been limited to centralized testing labs.

Ionization labs
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Note: Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. / Ionization Labs will only conduct business with entities operating under legal state licensed jurisdiction cannabis & hemp operations. Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. / Ionization Labs does not condone the operating of illegal cannabis & hemp operations. Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. / Ionization Labs products are intended for research and legally licensed business purposes only. Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. / Ionization Labs does not support or promote the use of its products or services in connection with the illegal use, cultivation or trade of cannabis products. Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. / Ionization Labs does promote and is not condoning the use of cannabis.

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