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Cann-ID: Features Industry-Leading Potency Testing Software

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Cann-ID: Bring Potency Testing In-House

Reduce Operation Costs & Maximize Efficiency

• The only 'All-In-One' hemp potency analysis system


• Accuracy & precision at your fingertips

• All consumables required - shipped straight to you


• Web-based reporting & analytics through Cann-ID software

Ionization Labs has packaged the exact same potency testing solution used in our ISO 17025 and TDA accredited CTS Potency Laboratory, and made the entire platform available to clients who wish to deploy robust analytical testing solutions in-house

Cann-ID potency testing solution is a novel turn-key analytical testing solution (Software as a Service) + TaaS (Testing as a Service)

Generate reliable and defensible cannabinoid potency results in-house

Lab accurate based hardware – HPLC is utilized as the gold-standard in all states licensed labs for testing potency for hemp products

Standardized – All the same hardware, software and consumables, creating a platform of consistency never before commercially available

Cloud-based – Data networkable / data aggregator, forgery mitigation, ecosystem & stakeholder data share

Potency quantification – 14 of the top cannabinoids to a low-parts per million limits of detection

Farmers / Extractors / Manufacturers – Best operations practices. Legal limits, Fertigation, Extraction – Yield & Calibration

Compliance – Know licensed growers & producers are legal

Enforcement – Validate product legality

Insurance / Banking – Keep clients legal. Secure underwriting, policy, contracts and loans through accurate & affordable regular testing

Marketplace – Cann-ID as a recognized standard in testing for commerce

Research / Healthcare / Academia – Networked & standardized analytics platform that can share data across stakeholder ecosystem. Accelerate R&D and effective outcomes

Ionization Labs is comprised of industry veterans with backgrounds in science, technology and data analytics. Our technology is designed to be easy to use, improve accuracy, reduce costs and drastic collapse the time associated with obtaining reliable and repeatable chemical data. The result is greater profitability for our clients.

We empower our clients and partners with fast, accurate and unprecedented precision for cultivation, extraction and product development. The data from our solution provides a competitive advantage and enables you to make informed decisions at a cost effective, quick and accurate pace that meets your production timeline.